Second day in St. Lucia

I forgot to tell you about the cats!! There are cats everywhere! They are so cute and they look pretty good, like pets not street cats. Last night we came across the cutest little orange kitten! He is so sweet! Came running over to me and I picked him up. He just purred away! We didn’t take any pictures last night of him but we did come across him again today while we were walking to the pool!

So this morning we had a breakfast buffet, there were these delicious baked apples! Then we swam and drank. At first it was cloudy but still so hot! Then the sun came out and wowza!! The sun is so hot here!! At 11 Reagan and I went to a Sandals orientation. Our guide, Maverick, showed us around the resort. Then we did a bit of shopping at the gift shop. Before lunch we had another swim and drinks!

For lunch we did a buffet and you guessed it- delicious!! Afterwards we went to the other pool and I had an amazing drink called Blue Hawaiian!! Yum! Reagan and I went back to our room for a bit and wandered around the resort. We decided to grab a bite and while we were sitting who should show up and visit us?? The little orange kitten!! Then another orange young cat came and we got to watch them play in the grass together. So precious! Then ANOTHER KITTEN came over!! Oh man, I was in heaven!!

We haven’t had supper yet but I already deleted this post once by accident so I’m going to post this now. Fill you in on the rest of the night later!!


First night in St Lucia

We got to St Lucia yesterday after one ferry trip and 3 flights. It is so warm here! The air just wraps you like a blanket! I love it! After we got through customs we were taken the the Sandals lounge area. Reagan and dad got to go ahead while “the ladies have to check in!” Haha! We got some luggage tags so the Sandals staff would know which room to bring it. We didn’t have much time in there, enough for Reagan to grab me a ginger ale. Then a man was yelling Halcyon! Halcyon! That was the shuttle for us!

The trip from the airport to the Sandals Halcyon was about an hour and 15 mins. Tiny 2 lane road that everyone is speeding and tailgating on! Green everywhere! Banana trees everywhere!

When we got to the resort, a few women were standing there waiting for us. I cracked my head on the top of the shuttle van door… so embarrassing!! But then a lady came right up “Are you ok!? Let me take your bag!” Alright then! Then we got a cool damp cloth for our face and were taken to the Club Sandals Lounge to check in. I will try to take some pictures of it later on. They have us these delicious rum punch drinks! Pink!! Once we were done checking in we were taken to our rooms! Oh my lanta!! A tub outside, a huge bed, another tub inside, a gorgeous shower, a stocked fridge and bar! Anything you could want for a carefree holiday! We were only given one key because “we want you to stay together always!” So cute!

Once we got settled in our room it was totally pitch black out and the frogs were just chirping away! I’ve never heard a sound like that before! It’s so high pitch but soothing! We headed to the bar with Reagan’s folks and had another rum punch drink. Reagan and dad had pina coladas! Then it was time for dinner. I didn’t take my phone with me for pictures but I had an asparagus quiche with red pepper sauce for an appy. Then snapper for dinner, creme brûlée for dessert!! So delicious.

We walked around the resort for awhile then decided to go for a swim. By this time it was around 9 pm and still so warm out! The swim was beautiful! Under a clear sky, looking at the stars and the bats eating fruit and flying all about!

After we decided to hang out in our rooms, Mom was tired and ready for sleeping. At around 11:30 or so, Reagan and I decided that we were hungry! So we walked to this little grill and got a cheeseburger and some wings! Again, so delicious!!!

When we finished it was well after midnight and that was our day in a nutshell!!

I’ll try and post pictures in a bit. Right now I just want to soak in this Caribbean air!!

Talk to you soon!!