Leaving St. Lucia….

NO BLUE CURAÇAO AGAIN!! It truly is the saddest day!! Reagan and I woke up earlier this morning so we could enjoy a bit of pool time before we had to leave Sandals. Breakfast as usual, there were chicken fingers- so delicious!!! We swam a little bit and laid by the pool. We had to have our bags ready for pick up by 10am today so we packed our suitcase last night. Check out was pretty easy-Club Sandals way! Everyone asked how we enjoyed our dinner and were happy to hear that we loved it! (Although I would have preferred the rib eye steak to the lobster…. shhh)

I had one last drink, a sun downer but frozen instead of the cocktail. As there was no blue curaçao I couldn’t have my last Blue Hawaiian. The sun downer was still good and kind of hit me like a truck!! We got a picture with one of the pool bartenders, Keosha. Her drinks were fabulous!!!!!

She asked us “Why are you dressed like that?”

“We have to leave at 12”

“I have to leave… this group is too depressing!”

She is actually from St. Vincent and was doing her practicum at Sandals!

So the shuttle came at 12 and we were off. When we were waiting for our flight to start boarding a lady sitting behind me hit me with her hair!! Just whipped her head and whacked me with her braids! I may have gagged a little…

We stayed at the same hotel in Miami. We had to catch the 3am shuttle to the airport so we basically just crashed.

The flight from Miami to Dallas was the best so far!! Every seat had their own tv screen and there was even more leg room. Even the seats were more comfy! I know that sounds silly but this was the only flight we had with individual screens!

The guy who was sharing our row had his dog, Hero, on the flight. Now this was not a small lap dog! It was a hunting dog so on the bigger side of a medium sized dog! He was so well behaved though!! I got to sit next to them. It made me miss our crazy pups! Chester would have a fit!! Toffee would be so dang wiggly!! Haha! I ended up watching Wonder Woman. I can’t believe I didn’t go see that in the theatre!!! It was so good!!!

The flight from Dallas to Vancouver sucked. No individual screens and they showed this crappy low budget movie. I didn’t watch it and Reagan said it was awful. Thank goodness I had the 8th audio book in the Women’s Murder Club series downloaded!!

We only had the ferry and the drive home left!! That was uneventful. And when we finally got home the boys were so happy to see us! They just had the most happiest faces!!

And that was that! I through some clothes in the wash and when I hung them up to dry they just smelled like sunscreen and Paradise… I have yet to actually put them in my closet cause I can’t bear to loose the smell 😦



Thursday and last full day in St. Lucia

Breakfast first thing again, nothing too exciting to report on that. Pool afterwards for swimming and drinking. The resort let some market people set up by the pool so we bought a few things. They were way cheaper than the people on the beach!!! We definitely got ripped off earlier this week. Oh well, live and learn!

Lunch was ok. We did the buffet and I tried goat. It was pretty good! I also fed a kitty cat some fish! He enjoyed it quite a lot! After lunch we played some shuffleboard game. There were long poles that you had to use to push disks down the game board. At the opposite end there were areas that had points. You’d try to get the most points- first to 70 wins! The path that goes along that game and also a big chess board, we named Lizard Lane. We saw so many lizards walking along there today! At least 10!

We tried to take out a hobie catamaran but they were all being used and didn’t actually come back to shore until a bit after 4pm. Afternoon water sports are from 2-4.

After that we went to our room and someone had made towel animals for us! A turtle and swans!!

At this time I also forgot to grab our room key and locked the door. Because dad upgraded our rooms to Club Sandals we had to get a new key at the Club Sandals Lounge. When we were there one of the ladies told us that she made special dinner arrangements for our last night. How exciting!! The lounge is so neat! That’s where we were taken when we first arrived and had those yummy pink drinks. Reagan and I have gone there quite a bit. They have special events for the Club Sandals guests, so not everyone can go in there. Last night was martini night. I had a lime daiquiri and Reagan had a chocolate one. Tonight was cocktail hour. I had a blue lagoon. So delicious! We also wanted to get a picture with Maverick before we left. Man that guy is funny!

After that we were going to go look for kittens but it started to rain and we saw a most beautiful rainbow!! The pictures obviously do not do it justice! We could see end to end!

It started to rain harder so we ran to where we get our morning lattes for cover. We were dressed in clothes (as opposed to swimsuits) and I didn’t want to be wet for dinner. We saw Reagan’s folks so we yelled at them to come over. They were looking for us anyways. They were going to sit at the bar until supper, about 1/2 hour but then we told them about cocktail hour so we went to the lounge instead. We ate some snacks, everyone had a drink and then it was time to go for dinner.

Mom and dad didn’t know that we were having a special supper so when we got to the restaurant (I assume) the manager asked if we were having the lobster? I said yes and then we spilled the beans! When we got to our table it had these cute flowers all over it!

We ended up getting lobster for dinner, something that wasn’t on the menu! I also tried the pork belly for an appy.

We were so full that we did not have any dessert!

We went searching for kittens after dinner and the tabby jumped out at us! We got in some snuggles. Then as we were walking along the path the orange baby jumped out too!! They followed us all around the resort! Oh my! So so precious!!

We were planning on having one last late night wings but we were so full we decided to skip it. I’m finishing up this post the following day and now I am regretting the decision a little haha!!


Wednesday in St Lucia

The morning was the usual get up and head to breakfast, lay by the pool and drink Blue Hawaiians. I did partake in the aqua fitness again! It wasn’t as funny as Monday. There was only one instructor instead of 2 but I still enjoyed it.

This resort always rolls their towels and puts flowers in them, so beautiful!!

Lunch was fantastic! We did the buffet and after I was done I fed the young orange cat. He loved the bit of fish I gave him!

After lunch we hung out at the pool again and it started to pour rain! Reagan and I jumped into the pool to swim while it was raining. It smelled so good!! It also did t last longer that 10-15 mins then the sun was back out in full force! I think I will miss the weather most of all when we go back home.

We also found out that the fruit trees that the bats like so much are actually almonds!! No wonder I like the smell of them so much!

We had a reservation for supper at Kelly’s dockside. AMAZING FOOD! So amazing in fact we are going to go there tomorrow night as well. Reagan had the rib eye steak but asked if he could get a sample of the swordfish. The waiter said he would ask the kitchen. When he brought our dinners out he said unfortunately he could not get the sample of fish. No pressure, No problem as they say here! But a few mins later the waiter comes back with a full piece of swordfish!! He says “Just kidding!! Here you go man!” It was quite funny! And delicious fish! (Appy and dessert shown below)

After dinner we decided that we wanted to sit by the fire pit but it had been raining off and on and the cushions were wet. I was going to flip the cushions over by they were wet underneath too. THEN I SAW FROGS ON THE BACK OF THE COUCHES!! So many cute little frogs!!

Tomorrow is basically our last day here. On Friday the shuttle leaves for the airport around 10am even though our flight doesn’t leave until 4pm 😦


Tuesday on St. Lucia

Today was a pretty amazing day. I had an egg burrito for breakfast which was amazing!! The blue curaçao was back in action as well!! <3<3<3

We went snorkeling today. I have never done that before so at first I kind of freaked out about breathing while my face was under water. I got the hang of it though with some effort! We saw loads of neat fish! I liked one with a long body and a long nose! And the bright blue ones were also my favorite. Unfortunately we did not see any turtles or seahorses. Apparently we were not in the best snorkel area but we didn’t have to pay extra for this trip so I’ll take it! I didn’t realize how much the extra stuff was going to cost! $$$ Next time we will have to save some extra money for excursions.

Lunch was amazing! We went to the buffet today and they were doing Asian cuisine. Fresh stir fries!!! So delicious!! I even ate dessert: mango mousse, almond strawberry square, chocolate mousse square, and cinnamon twists!!

After lunch we laid around the pool and Reagan read. I’m nearing the end of a World of Warcraft book right now and I know a main character is going to die so I have not been reading at all!! Who wants to ball their eyes out poolside!? Not me!!

We decided to go snack on some nachos. The nacho bar is the same place we get our midnight wings and that’s where the kittens live. And sure enough! The little orange baby came out to play!!

After that we hung out in our room until supper. Reagan’s folks are at a returning guest supper tonight. We will be able to experience that the next time we come! Right now we are trying to decide where we should go. We love the Halcyon so much and there were a lot of things we didn’t experience. But it would be nice to travel somewhere new. I’ve been thinking Bahamas. They have beach piggies!!!

Till next time!


Monday in St Lucia

Today we decided to have a lay by the pool day! When the swim up bar opened at 10:30am I ordered a Blue Hawaiian which was lucky cause they ran out of blue curaçao!! Sad sad day!! I ended up having a Sun Downer turned into a slushee later on. It won’t replace my Blue Hawaiians but it was refreshing!!

At 11 there was Aqua Fitness so I took part in that! Met two girls from Scotland who were quick to tell me that they were not a couple! The one girl is a travel agent and brought her friend! Haha no judgment here!! I am not good at aqua fitness… the floaty weight they give you kept pushing me out of the water!! It was still fun and I had a good time!

After that Reagan and I took part in a putting contest. We did not win, big surprise!!

For lunch I had wings and a quesadilla, Reagan had a hamburger. We also pet cats of course! The two babies love to hide in the bushes and then they dart in front of you!! Silly kittens! I was able to find a stick to play with the tabby, it’s just too sweet!

After lunch the 4 of us took out a hobie catamaran. There wasn’t too much wind but we all enjoyed ourselves!

Reagan and I decided that we wanted to go sit in these floating baskets they have out in the ocean. When we were swimming there we saw a little fish jump out of the water. Then something touched my ankle and it hurt and burned a little! I couldn’t see any marks so I thought maybe I was imagining a little. We didn’t stay too long in the basket because the movement was making us both a little sick. When we got out and swam to the shore something hit Reagan’s knee and burned him too!! He said it felt like a hundred wasp stings! Then he had a big red blotch on his knee! As we were walking up to the shower and path, an old man was sitting on a chair so I asked him if there were jelly fish fish here. He said no but there are apparently little fish that will bite you!!! What the heck!? Later we ran into him again with his wife and she told me it feels like a pin prick when the fish bite you. Pretty sure that’s what happened to me, still not sure about Reagan!

For supper today there was a Caribbean BBQ! Oh my goodness!! The food was fantastic! Ribs, chicken, prime rib, sausage, mac & cheese, salads, fish, baked potato with all the fixings, veggies, rice, desserts! So much food!

The entertainment tonight were these dancers who did limbo and danced with fire! The guy in the group even did some fire breathing! I was pulled up with a bunch of people and did some dancing and some limbo! I was awkward and embarrassed but still had fun! There was also the live band from the other night playing all the music for the dancers! They are so good!

I forgot to tell you about the fruit trees. So as I already mentioned, at night the bats are crazy and fly around. Well they also eat the fruit from these trees that are all over the place. Constantly you hear the fruit dropping. On our first night I made a comment about how out of the four of us me or Mom would get hit by the fruit. Sure enough! The other night we were sitting all together and I got up to stand beside Reagan. At one point I leaned over to him for a hug and a fruit dropped right where I was standing!! If I had not leaned over when I did, I would have gotten hit with that fruit!! Haha silly bats!

We signed up for snorkeling tomorrow! I hope we see some cool stuff!

Have a good night and I’ll chat at you later!


Day Three visiting another Paradise

(This was my view this morning)

Today we took the shuttle bus to The Grande, and was it ever!! Talk about gorgeous!

We learned how to make lattes yesterday so that’s what we have been drinking instead of regular coffee-it’s pretty strong but I have a caffeine addiction and don’t want to get a withdrawal headache! So after breakfast we swam in the pool a bit and the at 11:15 we took the shuttle bus over to the Grande for the day. Reagan and I really wanted to try the pizza at Dino’s Pizzeria! Delish!!

Afterwards we hung out at a pool, swam and drank! We did walk down to the water sports and Big D convinced us to ride the jet ski-So fun!! Although we didn’t see any sea life it was still amazing!

We had to wait for awhile until supper was starting. We some some cute lizards! And a TINY FROG!!

We decided to eat at a place right on the sand! I had calamari and lobster for the first time, it was ok but my steak and potatoes were amazing!!

After supper we caught the 8pm shuttle and returned back to the Halcyon. Reagan and I made ourselves a latte and hung out in our room for a bit. Oh… and we may have brought a pepperoni pizza back to our room…

Night life on day two

So by 6pm it is pitch black here! I have to keep reminding myself that it’s not 10pm! Because we ate at around 3:30 yesterday we were not hungry for supper. Reagan’s folks decided to go rest in their room and join us for wings at 10:30pm. Reagan and I decided to go for a swim and drinks! I had two more Blue Hawaiians and even got Reagan hooked on them!

There was a beautiful reggae band playing that night, the singer! Amazing!!

At about 10pm we made our way to the beach shack for wings. We ran into our furry friends again!! Two orange fur balls and the tabby. They we so rambunctious!! Fighting and running around! So sweet… obviously!!

Once the shack opened we filled up on self serve nachos, wings, cheeseburgers and fries! On our way back to our room the sweet orange kitten was sleeping in a hanging chair!!! <3<3<3 We gave him some scratchies and he just stretched and closed his eyes!! (Serious heaven over here!) OH! And there was a lizard snoozing in a lamp!

After wings I wanted to stop by the bar for-you guessed it!- a Blue Hawaiian! Reagan’s folks went back to their room and we waited for service. There was a guest doing card tricks for the servers so it took a bit to request a drink but I had no worries! We met a nice couple from the UK and chatted for a bit. There was also a private function inside and the music was so loud! Everyone was just have an amazing time! I love seeing that-happiness everywhere!!

When I ordered my Blue Hawaiian the guy hesitated a little and said ok but then he came back and said he could not find the blue curaçao!! Oh man!? So I settled for a Miami vice! Delicious!!

We went back to our room and basically called it a night!! Wonderful first full day!